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Eresha S
Filmmaker/VFX/Motion design/Auteur & Artist

Eresha is an award-winning London-based filmmaker, Lead Motion Designer and VFX artist. He has graduated with a Master's degree in film VFX & Animation from Teesside University, United Kingdom. He also has completed a Diploma in Film-Making from the prestigious Raindance Film School, London. He has been working in Films, Commercials and Television for various well-known international major companies including Universal Pictures, Walt Disney, BBC, Sony, Discovery, ITV, National Geographic and CNBC TV18, Lenovo and Panasonic. 


As a child, Eresha was always more interested in Dreams and Art. Slowly but surely, his curiosity dragged him to Fine Art in college where he became exceedingly influenced by Surreal Art and become more sceptical. Eventually, that took him to create mysterious, surprising and unexpected juxtapositions of visual artworks intertwined with surreal language. 
As a VFX-student at Teesside University Eresha made a short film titled ''MARA'' which was screened at ''Anima'' - an Academy award qualified International animation film festival of Brussels. Thereafter he continued making short films including 'MYSTIC', SURREAL ANIMATION' and 'IT FOLLOWS'. Currently, he's working on a new VFX short film which plans to be his most ambitious project so far. His films deal with themes as varied as dreams and reality, death, mystery, experimental, betrayal, horror, crime, gangster and love. His distinctive visual style is remarkable in the manner in which it blends fantasy and baroque images; it showcases a dark, mysterious, metaphysical and aesthetic visual style married with an unconventional dramatic structure.   

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