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Surreal Short Film

In "Hypnagogia," Lily is tormented by anxiety and haunted by the fear of her medication's side effects. In dreams of her boyfriend, Max, she confronts her inner demons, with an eerie specter and a bandaged girl lurking. In the hypnagogic state, dark surreal dream imagery envelops the protagonist's mind, blurring the boundaries between reality and the subconscious. As she battles these subconscious terrors, Lily must decipher their meaning before they consume her reality.

"In the borderland between sleep and wakefulness, reality becomes fluid, and the mind dances with the mysteries of the subconscious"  - Dr. Ryan Hurd

Directed By : Eresha Sale
Produced By : Eresha Sale
Music By : KEVIN MACLEOD (THE DREAD) and Aleksandr

Edited By : Eresha Sale
Sound Effects : Eresha Sale
VFX: Eresha Sale

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