Generally, we cannot remember entire dreams while 
trying to recall them, but there does exist a link to the 
dream which is what we remember.


''Best Film'' in the VFX category at Cortoons 
International short Animated film Festival of Rome,Italy
2. Visual Effects Runner-Up
Animex International Festival of Animation and
Computer Games of Middlesbrough, UK
3. Screening
''Anima'' Brussels International Animation Festival 
(Anima 2010) in the World Shorts 7 students category.
4. Screening 
''Aniwow'' international animation film festival, Beijing, china.
5. Screening 
''Moving Buildings'' Festival 2011 Amstelveen, Netherlands.



Eresha Sale
Cast : Henry King, Steven (Demon)


This is Eresha's VFX Short film done at Teesside University. 
It is a nightmarish abstract art sequence which uses
vfx compositing tools.