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Generally, we cannot remember entire dreams while 
trying to recall them, but there does exist a link to the 
dream which is what we remember.


''Best Film'' in the VFX category at Cortoons 
International short Animated film Festival of Rome,Italy
2. Visual Effects
Animex International Festival of Animation and
Computer Games of Middlesbrough, UK

''Anima'' Brussels International Animation Festival 
(Anima 2010) in the World Shorts 7 students category.
4. Screening 
''Aniwow'' international animation film festival, Beijing, china.
5. Screening 
''Moving Buildings'' Festival 2011 Amstelveen, Netherlands.


Eresha Sale
Cast : Henry King, Steven (Demon)

This is Eresha's VFX Short film done at Teesside University. 
It is a nightmarish abstract art sequence which uses
vfx compositing tools.

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